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Application modernization is the practice of updating older software for newer computing approaches, including newer languages, frameworks and infrastructure platforms. This practice is also sometimes called legacy modernization or legacy application modernization. Legacy modernization, also known as software modernization or platform modernization, refers to the conversion, rewriting or porting of a legacy system to modern computer programming languages, architectures, software libraries, protocols or hardware platforms.

Natsoft's subsidiary, Updraft a 12 year old company and has a team of legacy application modernization specialists who will free you to reach the future faster.

About Natsoft Corporation

Powered by a fully automated modernization factory adapted to your unique needs, the delivery solutions are guaranteed with unrivaled quality - while retaining the integrity of your code. Updraft provides next-generation modernization solutions for legacy applications and digital transformations. We understand the challenges faced by market leaders - we were born out of one. We brought our first automated software development solutions to market at Motorola, where we proved our technology's viability. We built on that momentum and opened our doors for business more than 12 years ago. Today, we continue to innovate, layering AI and big data techniques on top of our solutions.

About Natsoft Corporation

Why Natsoft / Updraft:

Having been in existence for over 17 years, working with over 400 clients, spread across 7 countries and with over 2000 + associates globally we have been able to provide highly cost-effective solutions to our clients. Natsoft is able to help implement the projects in a shortest timeline keeping over runs under control and results predictable. Our global spread of associates is also helping to bring in the best of talent, skill and leverage the global cost-efficient structure without compromising on any of the deliverables, quality and output

Some of our case studies:

  • For a student loan processing company modernization of over 30 million lines of code from DB2 CICS to a target of hibernate postgresql, JBOSS and AWS
  • A telecom manufacturer billing system from comprising of over 5 million lines of code from DB2 VSAM to DB2 SQ Lite.
  • A million line of code for a factory control of an auto manufacturer from DB2 VSAM JCL to DAO SQ Lite Springbatch JBOSS.

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