About Natsoft

Natsoft Corporation (Natsoft) is a -year-old US headquartered boutique IT and BPO Services company. Established in 2004 the company today has offices in the US, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico,UK, Bahamas and Singapore. Over 2000 associates at Natsoft and its group companies help its clientele spread out across various geographies and industries to digitally transform their operations by developing and deploying IT products and implementing innovative solutions, providing software services, application development, business process outsourcing and IT Infrastructure setup & support.

Natsoft works with over 500 clients and a broad span from banks to finance, technology to manufacturing, insurance to retail and even healthcare to telecom. To help its deep domain focussed delivery, Natsoft broadly classified itself into 4 key verticals namely Solutions, Services, Products, BPM.

About Natsoft Corporation
About Natsoft Corporation

The solutions offered by Natsoft span from deploying Block Chain to Robotics Process even Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Data Analytics. While the services, predominantly focus on digital transformation services from legacy to modern applications like Java and ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft and even to CRMs like Salesforce. The products developed by Natsoft including those deployed through its IT eco system of partners help automate seed to sale traceability using block chain, to be compliant with privacy regulations, adopt operational efficiency, utilise behavioural science to enhance growth, develop applications with low code and even seek real time market benchmarking of clinical trials. BPM offerings around customer support via chat, email, calling, managing transactions and even IT Infrastructure help a lot of its clientele from telecom to finance and even healthcareto rely on Natsoft to help them focus on their core.

Natsoft operates with several flexible models like managed, fixed bid, turnkey, subscription, licensing and even staff augmentation to help its clientele leverage and benefit from the relationship in terms of the best-in-class delivery, support, services and the cost.