Natsofts HI-TRACK is a Blockchain based Integrated Seed traceability platform. It is designed to bring all stakeholders on board on a common platform to help regulation with data and compliance processes. It is built on Digital technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning which enables much more possibilities and superior data security.
It allows all participants in the seed supply chain including Seed Regulators, Farmers, Seed Companies, Processors, Distributors and Retailers to be on boarded on a private permissioned Blockchain based platform and record all transactions between them digitized and stored on Blockchain so it cannot be manipulated or changed.
  • Authenticity of all information is proved by Blockchain technology.
  • All Seed companies, Certifiers, Processors Distributors and farmers use the platform for registering the transactions and they are recorded in immutable and transparent manner.
  • Seed specific information such as the geographical indications, weather conditions, soil moisture, humidity etc. can be recorded using IoT devices
  • Role based access is provided to all stakeholders with convenient Web and Mobile UIs
  • All functions strategically built to have all the information all along the process coming from each stakeholder stored on Blockchain and available to view on need basis.
  • Geo-tagged photos can be taken from the farm and processing

Traceability All Along:

  • Digitize all the transactions taking place in the entire seed supply chain
  • Track seeds from seed to the sale
  • Tamper proof and single source of truth for all the transactions taking across the supply chain
  • Time stamp each transaction in the supply chain
  • Near Real time audit of the system and the processes
  • Tamper proof storage for results of quality tests conducted in the supply chain

Web & Mobile Apps Accessibility:




  • Farming company details
  • Farm location details
  • Grow license details
  • Import Permit details
  • Import License details
  • Silo details
  • Opening stock details
  • Add/Invite other users

Crop Management

  • Crop creation
  • Soil preparation
  • Sowing
  • Pest control
  • Irrigation
  • Flowering
  • Harvesting
  • Cleaning & drying

Farm Management

  • Crop tracking
  • Samples Management
  • Sample creation
  • Viewing past samples
  • Forms & Notifications
  • Sowing notification (form 601)
  • Flowering notification - email
  • Harvesting notification - email

QR Code Management

  • Inventory item QR
  • Single item QR
  • Multiple item QRS
  • Flowering and Germination sample QRs

Inventory Management

  • Inventory view
  • Adding inventory
  • Seed sales

Document Repository

  • License documents
  • Premises documents
  • Seed documents


Collect Samples

  • Farmer cuts out flower or takes out seeds and creates a sample
  • Unique ID/QR code is generated and pasted on the sample collected
  • Sample is populated on the testing agency / regulator queues instantly

Assign Update

  • By default sample is in open queue with 'Created' status
  • As soon as the sample is received at the lab can change status to 'Received'
  • When the sample is assigned status to 'In-Progress'

Upload Results

  • Once the testing is complete the result files can be uploaded on the sample
  • Its status can be changed to 'Report Uploaded' and this triggers alert to framer as well as regulator respectively and is available for them to download
  • Sample is moved to closed reports queue upon this action.


Get Notifications

  • Get notifications On important activities on farms such as sowing, flowering and harvesting etc.
  • View notification In custom queues For each activity for each activity and prioritize them until closed

Have Birds-Eye View

  • Get birds eye view of movement of inventory across farms
  • Get key data pertaining to cultivation, harvest and processing of material from farm to store, including geo-tagged photos
  • Get access to samples and their test results from the testing agency within the application

Get Compliance Data

  • Get custom reports which can be downloaded or data points which can be integrated with existing compliance system
  • Get immutable record of activities and geotagged photos and test results to make your compliance process robust

Why Natsoft:

Having been in existence for over 17 years, working with over 400 clients, spread across 7 countries and with over 2000 + associates globally we have been able to provide highly cost-effective solutions to our clients. Natsoft can help implement the projects in a shortest timeline keeping over runs under control and results predictable. Our global spread of associates is also helping to bring in the best of talent, skill and leverage the global cost-efficient structure without compromising on any of the deliverables, quality, and output.

Some of our case studies:

  • Implemented and being utilised for tracking the farm produce by the farming community in Australia.

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