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In today's networked world, there is tons of data that is being pooled together. Given the nature and the size of the Data, often referred to as the Big Data. There is a tremendous value and meaningful information for decision making in harnessing the Big Data. Some of the approached deployed to analyze Big Data are defined as solutions to problems that are directly related to large data sets. Big data solutions can be used to quickly identify and analyze large data sets. These services can also be applied to other types of data sets such as databases and data stores. We can conclude that Big Data helps companies to make informed decisions, understand their customer desires. This analysis helps companies to achieve rapid growth by analyzing the real-time data. It allows companies to defeat their competitors and achieve success. Natsoft has onboard a team that have put together some of the most complicated data analytics and solutions for its clients.

About Natsoft Corporation

Their experience of solving some of the critical data to crunch and stack into a meaningful information have even helped us build tools that aid in data solutions. The team at Natsoft are extremely proficient in tools such as Teradata, Vertica and others.

About Natsoft Corporation

Why Natsoft / Updraft:

Having been in existence for over 17 years, working with over 400 clients, spread across 7 countries and with over 2000 + associates globally we have been able to provide highly cost-effective solutions to our clients. Natsoft is able to help implement the projects in a shortest timeline keeping over runs under control and results predictable. Our global spread of associates is also helping to bring in the best of talent, skill and leverage the global cost-efficient structure without compromising on any of the deliverables, quality and output

Some of our case studies:

  • Loading unstructured and semi-structure data from multiple data source by creating static and dynamic partitions. Configuration of the ETL workflows to manage the independent jobs and automate.
  • Built of several complex dashboards for a client, accomplished to load 6.5 TB data in the dashboard with benchmark 6 sec to render the data in the report.

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