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The meaning of custom built is to build to individual specification. In today's world it's all about having that precise solution to address the specific needs of the users. Typically, off the shelf products to facilitate customization to suit the precise needs of the user where such situations are not available in the off the shelf products. However, when such customization becomes a humungous exercise organizations typically adopt to what is called as custom built. It could be a ground up custom built or something built on top of a skeletal structure. Natsoft provides its clients custom built application with unique features and functionality, they turn to Natsoft to design and create custom solutions that address specific needs of users than what a commercial off the shelf packages can offer. Natsoft can help you in the process of design, create, deploy and maintain the software for specific users.

About Natsoft Corporation

Natsoft can deliver the software which aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements using technologies like Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Open source like Java, .net, Power Apps and various others. Few of the custom-built applications we have worked include:

About Natsoft Corporation
  • Web Applications.
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Big data Applications
  • Real-time Applications

Why Natsoft:

Having been in existence for over 17 years, working with over 400 clients, spread across 7 countries and with over 2000 + associates globally we have been able to provide highly cost-effective solutions to our clients. Natsoft can help implement the projects in a shortest timeline keeping over runs under control and results predictable. Our global spread of associates is also helping to bring in the best of talent, skill and leverage the global cost-efficient structure without compromising on any of the deliverables, quality, and output.

Some of our case studies:

  • A customized platform we built helps pull together critical clinical trials data and information to help companies benchmark and derive deep insights in a flash.
  • An operational efficiency platform to help companies keep tab on their operations at the nitty gritty and help keep their costs substantially lower.
  • End to end hiring, consulting, billing and engagement platform built on PowerApps to help provide an integrated environment and help with efficiencies, saves on time and cost.

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