Kognitic Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform

Kognitic is an automated and robust insight-driven platform for Oncology and other therapeutic areas to accelerate drug development decisions. It uses Machine Learning to Optimize Site Selection Strategy and Clinical Trial Design.

It is a Cloud based platform and built on sophisticated NLP's and search algorithms to 'mine' the necessary information from external and internal data sources, thereby enhancing and augmenting clinical trial data to perform in-depth analysis.

It ingests structured and unstructured data into a data lake which is preloaded and mapped with drug information from Worldwide trials, PubMed, ASCO, EduraCT, ISRCTN and Census

A premier enterprise solution for both Pharma and Biotech to accelerate clinical trial design and approval of new novel cancer drugs

The platform offers

  • Easy and efficient process to automatically visualize strategic data
  • Superior quality dashboards with key metrics such as
  • 40 clients in over 6 countries
    • Patient segment
    • Target / MOA
    • Biomarkers
    • Pathways etc
  • Sophisticated analytics allowing the user to sort and view data in multiple ways instantly
  • All landscapes automatically updated real-time thereby saving weeks of effort to assimilate the same

Worxogo Human Behavioral AI Platform


Natsoft works with Worxogo to bring Workplace behavior transformation to its clients. Build high performing Sales Teams using a cognitive MIA engine which analyzes each individual's behavior and persuade through nudges thereby engaging, motivating and inspiring them.

Engaging, motivating, and inspiring Feet on the street sales people to perform better and thereby bring sales and revenue growth in a very short term but developing a habit and culture of an engaging workforce.

  • Assesses 1 million sales behaviors
  • Sends 300000 nudges
  • 40 clients in over 6 countries
  • 38% increase in sales
  • 70% increase in compliance behaviors
  • 10 point increase I customer satisfaction
  • 3 times better quality in CRM Systems


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