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Provide Robust and Secured Infrastructure and Networks for Running the Enterprise Applications

Natsoft has been engaged in delivering several projects around Infrastructure and Network management services. Our core offerings include end-to-end Infrastructure and Network services from Design, Consulting, Planning and Implementation of on-Site, Cloud, Remote or Hybrid set-up, and execution of Enterprise infrastructure.

Our infrastructure services are built to stabilize your existing IT infrastructure and networks, cabling infrastructure, network protocols, hub and switches, servers, and security with onsite or remote monitoring services.

Natsoft looks at Business performance management holistically to design and recommend solutions to its clients which offer end to end state of the art capabilities with relevant tools for service management and monitoring. Natsoft SME’s advice clients on legacy to cloud migration and adoption of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS solutions where applicable to optimize the spend and save time for implementation. Natsoft also signs up annual maintenance contracts on Applications and Infrastructure so as to allow our client’s team to focus on business improvement and support in adoption.

Infrastructure and Networking Services

  • Network Management
  • Network planning, design, implementation and optimization
  • LAN, WAN Planning, Design, Implementation and Management
  • VPN & Network Security Solutions
  • LAN, WAN Infrastructure Audit Services

Infrastructure Management and Monitoring services

  • Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Network Traffic Management and Monitoring
  • IP Telephony Services

We provide a comprehensive suite that includes the following services

  • Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization
  • Campus Switching and Routing running voice, video and Data
  • Wireless LAN Solutions
  • VPN and Network Security Solutions
  • IP Telephony
  • Configuring Gateways with WAN links over Frame-relay/Analog and Digital leased circuits/ISDN PRI/BRI/dial-up/Broadband
  • Media conversion technologies such as UTP to Fiber (single mode/Multimode)
  • Third Party Content Management and load balancing solutions
  • LAN Infrastructure Audit and Analysis
  • WAN Traffic Audit, Analysis, Monitoring, and Shaping Enterprise Network Support

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