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Engage, Inspire and Motivate Your Employees through 'Persuasion'
to Bring Workplace Behavior Transformation

Natsoft will continue to work with emerging technologies and unique solutions of its ecosystem partners to the benefits of its clients. Natsoft is working with Worxogo to bring Workplace behavior transformation to its clients.

A cognitive MIA engine analyzes the individual’s behavior to persuade through nudges thereby engaging, motivating and inspiring the person. Worxogo uses Persuasive mechanics to drive enterprise transformation in two areas today.

Enhancing Sales: Engaging, motivating, and inspiring Feet on the street sales people to perform better and thereby bring sales and revenue growth in a very short term but developing a habit and culture of an engaging workforce.

Innovation Management: A platform for end-to-end innovation management solution using persuasive mechanics. A platform which crowdsources ideas through collaboration creates innovative projects for delivery. Engagement increases multifold with gamifications, social media mechanics, and volunteering activities included. Suitable for client organizations who are looking to get the best out of their employee potential and recognize – reward them appropriately for bringing the innovative changes.

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