Create disruption or be disrupted. Design new ecosystems, new business models and new revenue streams through providing richer user experience

No organization is spared from digital disruption. Clients need to review their business models to create the next wave of growth by building new ecosystems to disrupt by being bold and early in the game while evaluating potential threats by new entrants.

Natsoft is rapidly aligning with the emerging technology trends and to continue serving our clients to build their new digital ecosystems. Natsoft has embarked on several digital transformation initiatives to continue helping our clients build their digital journey roadmaps

Digital Roadmaps

  • Reinventing Business Models and Ecosystems
  • Creating Roadmaps for Digital Journey

Digital Offerings

  • Blockchain Product and Solutions
  • Industrial IoT Solution
  • Analytics and Big Data Solutions
  • Cloud Assessment and Migration
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Apps Development

Natsoft has SME’s who have experienced the digital offerings and are in a position to advise the clients on creating digital transformation roadmaps. We have defined a methodology for taking our clients through a structured approach for re-inventing and innovating their offerings and services. This includes looking for new ecosystems and partnering to create new client experiences. The hyper growth would come through creating new revenue streams and by implementing digital offerings for internal and external collaboration. Successful organizations have embraced the digital solutions and trained their people to the new ways of working.

Natsoft creates digital journey roadmaps highlighting the customer experiences along with technology deployment needed to capture structured and structured data on real time basis with capability to sense and respond to business situations and events.

Natsoft works with its developing ecosystem to bring such unique solutions for enhancing customer experience, workplace behavior transformation, creating an innovating culture and habit in our client’s organization.

Our SME’s bring their experiences in Blockchain, Cloud, Mobility, Social, IoT and Analytics to support the clients in articulating the technology support to the new business models and collaborative ecosystems.

Blockchain Product and Solutions

Natsoft in a joint venture @ Chainflux is engaged to develop Products and Solutions on Blockchain on Ethereum, EOS, NEO platforms for Fintech and Asset Transfer solutions, while the Supply Chain solutions and others are being developed on Hyper ledger.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Natsoft offers real end-to-end analytics with integration of data from the factory automation layer or from related assets with the Enterprise Systems to generate Big Data analytics deployed over cloud and offered on Mobile. The solutions include Integrated Operations, Real time monitoring, Energy management and optimization solutions, Yield and Traceability enhancement, Predictive analytics for machine and critical moving parts. Natsoft will focus on unifying the SCADA / DCS information with Enterprise Information using an adaptive Data Lake solution.

Analytics and Big Data Solutions

Natsoft will bring the new generation, near-real time analytical solutions to its clients. Natsoft has recognized that the traditional BI and Enterprise Performance Management used complex Data Integration and Semantic layers needing sophisticated IT skills and time consuming for businesses to find benefits. Natsoft works with its ecosystem partners to bring an adaptive information layer from its numerous data sources at a fraction of effort and speed. The business people who are tech savvy could draw upon the data sources through drag and drop functionality to build their data views. Natsoft brings Big data Apache Hadoop open source software frameworks to develop the API’s with optimal system performances using the Hadoop’s big data distributed processing logic over clusters. Natsoft believes in exploring the potential of various Reporting Utilities like Tableau and Qlikview SW which enable BI and Dashboarding to become more business user friendly.

Cloud Assessment and Migration

Natsoft is a strong believer that Cloud business and services offer a lower TCO Secured solutions to clients who are ready for faster deployment with minimal customisation on the proven Industry business models. Natsoft SME’s undertake a complete assessment of client’s current technology inventory landscape along with its business requirements to propose selective migration to cloud, be it pure or hybrid cloud. Natsoft will review appropriateness for designing Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or Platform as a service (PaaS) solutions to reduce the capital investments and to bring early benefits of cloud deployments. Natsoft will also review Applications to be migrated or deployed on the cloud platform or recommend usage of emerging Software as a service solutions (Saas) without sacrificing upon the business and regulatory requirements.

Robotics Process Automation

Natsoft is leveraging its end-to-end process knowledge to determine the possibilities of automating the processes through bots. The digital workforce will focus on Shared Service Center processes in Finance, HR and IT and Procurement and will be customized to even operate at enterprise level. Our RPA solutions will focus on automating repetitive processes, enhance the productivity and reducing human errors at reduced costs for the enterprises. With our Software Robots operating 24×7, several process checks, workflows, system errors and reconciliation works could be done without human intervention.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Natsoft has capabilities in developing end state applications of Cloud, Analytics and IoT to be deployed on Mobile using an appropriate Mobile development platform for both IoS and Android devices. Such apps will serve as Productivity and Convenience to Use apps for Business users to execute their operation sessions and approval workflows at their fingertips. Natsoft will create user experience with the right look, feel and navigations for the developed apps.