Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Streamline and make efficient your business processes by leveraging the transformative properties of Blockchain. Build your own private permissioned Blockchain network or adopt a public Blockchain platform to improve the way you log and share your data streams, transactional records, digital assets and more. Some of the solutions we have developed include

  • Supply Chain Traceability – Agriculture, Food grains and Mining
  • Preventing fraudulent claims
  • Counterfeit and genuine spare parts usage
  • University & Professional Certifications and Authentication
  • Land and property records
  • Decentralized content creation and consumption
Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Smart Contract Development &
Security Audit

Automate recurring and manual business processes and transactions with efficiently designed, self-executing smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain and other leading smart contract platforms. Also, get your existing smart contracts audited for quality and resiliency by our team of experts.


Decentralized Application
Development (DAPP)

Pivot your Blockchain project idea and goals into reality with our decentralized applications (dApps) development support. Our team of Blockchain development experts is adept at managing the entire project lifecycle, right from roadmap building to deploying nodes, writing smart contracts, developing a user front-end, as well as ICO and token architecture.

Token Marketing

Exclusively for Blockchain startups, co-create a comprehensive token economics model for your Blockchain project with support from our in-house team of experts. With a collective experience of many decades, tap into the pool of expert analysts and Blockchain architects for guidance on everything from the right choice of platform to key security considerations.

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